Writing for Pleasure

PAYNESVILLE NEIGHBOURHOOD CENTRE offers two creative writing classes, entitled Writing for Pleasure, on Wednesdays. While the morning class is full with ongoing regulars, vacancies still exist in the afternoon class for newcomers.

     The newcomers’ class, in particular, is aimed at those who may be unsure about their writing ability or who would like to use other people as a sounding board for their ideas.

     The classes aim to encourage budding writers to sample all the different genres and styles of writing and to learn to develop their own distinctive style.

     While the classes provide some grounding in basic grammar, punctuation and style, they are as much about building confidence and meeting others with similar interests in a convivial atmosphere.

     Karen Fleischer, manager at Paynesville Neighbourhood Centre, highly recommends Fin’s writing classes.

     ‘For a couple of years now, I have seen how Fin teaches the art of writing and how she brings out the creative side of her students.  Many are surprised at their own newly discovered previously hidden abilities.

     'As a Learn Local organisation, we are pleased to say that Fin’s class, besides giving personal enjoyment, often provides the impetus for the learner to go on to undertake further courses and also it can also increase their work skills,’ Karen said.

    The friendly atmosphere in the classrooms is infectious and on most Wednesdays class members have lunch together. This social side of the classes is a great way for newcomers to make friends and enables the morning class to interact socially with the afternoon’s participants.     

     Enquiries or enrolments for these classes can be directed to Paynesville Neighbourhood Centre, at 55 The Esplanade, Paynesville, on weekdays between 9am and 3pm. Phone 5156 0214.

Introducing the tutor

Fin Ross is a journalist, editor and author who turned her hand to teaching creative writing in February 2011. Through this website, Fin aims to create a wider audience for some of the wonderful, witty and clever writing that emerges from her classes. She plans regular updates of students' class work, along with serialisation of some of their ongoing stories, plus links to short story competitions and more.

Some present and past students


Term Dates 2013

      TERM ONE            Wed, January 30 -

                              Wed, March 27


   TERM TWO         Wed, April 17 -

                              Wed, June 26


   TERM THREE      Wed, July 17 -

                              Wed, Sept 18


    TERM FOUR        Wed, Oct 9 - 

                                      Wed, Dec 11  



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