The Adventures of Jezza Jenkins

Jezza Jenkins’s family has relocated to Jasperville, and he is not happy to make the move. In his new school he makes friends with Chien and an enemy in Razza Higgins, the class bully. Jezza is often in trouble, not always of his own making, and matters become complicated when he attempts to impress his girlfriend, Mandy Collins. Frequently he has fantastic ideas but they always seem to land him in trouble.


I wasn’t all that fussed about going to a new school but of course we didn’t have much choice. It didn’t matter how much Gabi and I protested, Mum and Dad told us that their decision was set in concrete; there was no way we were going back to Melbourne. That meant we had to start school after Easter, when all the other kids had already got used to each other, and we would stick out more than a couple of dogs doing kick flips on a skateboard.

     But first Mum said that she’d have to take us for an interview with the principal. You can imagine how much I was looking forward to that!

     ‘He wants to meet us as a family;’ Mum said; ‘he’ll tell you whose classes you’ll be in, advise me where I can buy school uniforms, and things like that. And if you want to know anything about the school, you can ask him.’

     Well, wasn’t that just great. Walking into a new school with my parents, just like a little kid starting in Prep.

     ‘Mum, couldn’t you go by yourself and tell Gabi and me when you get home?’

     ‘I most certainly cannot. Mr Phillips said he was looking forward to meeting you and introducing you to your teachers. I’m sure he’s very kind.’

     I could have told her that I haven’t met a kind principal yet but knew that I’d be wasting my breath. And Gabi wasn’t backing me up at all; she had a big smile on her face, like as if she couldn’t wait to go. No help there.

     That night in my room I wondered how I could get out of going. Mum was pretty cluey and I didn’t think I could fool her by faking a stomach ache. I’d used that one too many times before. Hey, what if I could make Mr Phillips refuse to let me in his school? It would be a long shot, but it might work. I turned the light out, feeling much better, and went to sleep.


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