The Amazing Adventures of a Very Clever Cat

By Linda Collins


‘Such a clever cat!’ that's what she said.  She says it a lot. So it must be true.

   She also calls me ‘smart’, ‘funny’, and ‘handsome’. All things it must be good to be. I know it must be good, because that's the way she says them. Not the way she says some things, and usually just when I'm having such a lot of fun....

   Anyway, I got the ‘such a clever cat’ response, that's such a lift to my self esteem and gets me grinning from ear to ear, just last night. That humming, bright light we'd been using all  day was gone by now. They had turned it to almost off, but just left a little low kind of beige stuff on for me, so I could enjoy the exciting shifty shadow movements. I'm lucky they let me stay out a little longer tonight. Maybe it was because they forgot to turn the temperature down when they dimmed the light, and there was no cool slivers sneaking down through my stripes at all. It was perfect for me!

   To investigate an especially mysterious one way up by where ‘there-is-no-more’, (I've heard people refer to it as ‘a fence’), anyway, way up there, I had to do my low cat crouch sneaky walk.  It's something I invented a few weeks ago and a trick I find very useful when one wants to be almost invisible. In fact, sometimes I think, if I concentrate really hard, that it really works, and I can feel my stripes fading a little...

   In fact that may have contributed to my latest Clever Cat Coup. I'd caught this movement out of the corner of one of my eagle eyes. It was brown and shiny and looked like something that belonged in my litter box. I gave it a nudge to ask if it wanted to play. It scudded and skidded away a little and vibrated this little clicking sound at me. I gave an appreciative smile and chuckled to myself, thinking, Imagine that!  A talking turd...

   Anyway, we had such fun, the two of us, for quite a while, until she must have noticed the big void in her life and called me in. I came right away. That always makes her smile. And I brought my new friend in with me!

   Right in my mouth! And dropped him at her feet, so she could enjoy him too.

  ‘You are such a clever cat, aren't you?’ she said. 

I had to agree that sometimes I amaze myself. She put him back outside ‘for next time’, she said.

   I should probably go and rest up for next time right now. Just a four or five-hour clever cat recharge nap should do...

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